DEPATHERNOS | wine maker



DEPATHERNOS is a project that Paterno Dias family began in the Douro region in 1986 with the production of high quality wines, already distinguished by the national and international press.
Located in the municipality of S. João da Pesqueira, in one of the noblest areas of the Douro Wine Region, the oldest wine region in the world, these vineyards, which went through some changes in order to be mechanized, are in the family possession for several generations.

On the other hand, the facilities of Quinta de Cabanas were recovered keeping the wine presses in shale where the wine¬ are produced with foot treading, thereby ensuring the originality of the most ancient traditions.

The whole structure of our project is based on the deep assimilitation of the secular knowledge of the Douro vineyards and its most genuine organoleptic characteristics in which the creation of a French winemaker gives subtlety, softness and freshness that transport us to the imaginary contentment that we want can be translated in the happiness that we always look at everything we do.